I will make in the wilderness a pool of water, and the dry land springs of water. Isaiah 41:18

Life's Unexpected Journey

Kindle book
Out of Season Wonderland
Through the Human World
Our Day of Honor
May's Wonders
Nursing Home With Dignity
Phone Solicitors
Triumph of the Positive
Unpredictably Assured
Flight delight
Dubious Romantic Resurgence
Many-Charactered Stars and Stripes
Hats Off, Dad
Seasonal Time Adjustments
Good Morning, World
Water, the Gift
Humor's Gift
Patience's Dividend
Cute, But Destructive
Summertime Ways
Laughter's Choice
4-H Beginner
Mosquito Misinformation
Rooster Roust
Opening and Closing
Out of Park
Point of View Therapy
Challenged By a Garden Snake
Spirit Speak
Growing Flowers
Trying ways
For a Worthwhile Message
Effort and Reality
Plain chambray
Soil and Farmer
Joining to Grow
Senses Harmony
Beware the Snare
Garden Foreseeing Fall
The Time of Harvest
The Quagmire
Moon's Charming Phases
Wise Guidance
Disheartened Assistance
Gustatory Gusto
Exchange of Weight
Autumn River
My Inverted Visitor
Mixed October Blessings
A Sonnet to Autumn
Correcting My Imperfect Choice
Manifesting Morning
Remedy for Negligence
Credit the Originator
Time to Write
Fantasizing Flight
Looking Back on Summer
November Foretold
Black Velvety Warning
Goals and Buoyancy
Adjusting to the Seasons
Spooky Planning
Falling back or On Face
How to (or not) Gain
A Risk in Big Hands
Traveling Between Loved Ones
In-law Indeed Endeared
Beloved Auntie's Downfall
Voices Crying in the Night
Education Coach
Thank You Lord
All Around Us
Outlove Life's Hazards
Varied Gifts of the Strand
Merry Christmas 2013
Miles Away At Christmas
Thanks at Christmas
My Song This Christmas
The purpose-plot
Day's Possibilities
Musical Transportation
Picking Up Or Packing Up
Sunday and Every Day
What Goes In
Not "Who's Right"
Martin Luther King Jr
Today I am thankful
Questions and Actions
Let Our Perception Bless
New Day in Varied Climes
Is That a Snake?
How Turned?
Hard Knocks and Strong Instruction
Act on the Inspiration
Sun and Rain in Their Place
Constructing in Love
My Startling Friend
Receiving a Child
Curse or Disperse
Halfway Up or Down
Enhancing of Words
February, We Salute You
Forced Change
Happy Upcoming March
Whirling Wonder
Daylight Resignation
Guided to overcoming Blocks
Recollections of Bob
Enlightening and confusing
Joy Over Censure
Fantasy Fulfilled
Trust the Great Planner
Beginning April
Blessed Blank
What Soil Is Found
A Limerick of New Life
Mortal Frame
Unpredictable April
Getting It Done