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May's Wonders

Faint willow's green breaks up the bare twigs' gray.
Fall's sere and brittle leaves sparse promise hold.
Warm showers come along and wash away
the winter's bondage and lets leaves unfold.

And, oh! Hepaticas, lavender, white peek forth,
sassy, yet delicate, they push brown leaves away.
Do you behold the south wind's victory over north?
See there; it happens faithfully each May.

Now rolled-up jeans show barefoot, muddy toes,
and tadpoles emerge where frogs sing in the slough.
Wild geese claim a hidden spot where iris blow,
when spring wakes up, and all things grow anew.

May sings her song through sonant throat of bird.
She paints a masterpiece in delicate pastels.
Listen closely; soon in nests peeps are heard;
marshmarigolds mimic sunshine in moist dells.

Just look around; the world her gown renews.
embellished with reddish, opening maple leaves.
As white plum blossoms soon come into view,
we revel in the newness Maytime weaves.

05/12/2013 Carol Welch
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