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Manifesting Morning

The sky that turns from dark to light
in steps inviting to my eyes.
The shrouded mystery of night,
leaves every time with some surprise.

Today, a mist of golden shine,
still veiling the horizon's view.
but silhouettes of timberline,
underline day bright and new.

Another day, it drooped and wept,
but nurtured foliage, thirsty then.
Today, into the light, it stepped,
and all around is fresh again.

A restless sky of windswept cloud,
excitement stirs within the heart.
Daybreak rides on chargers proud,
and brings to view, storm's boisterous start.

The sunset may have lent a sign;
we might expect the wet or dry.
Revealing, subtle hint design,
is the wonder, morning sky.

Imagine, what an Artist's hand,
who brought such wonders to our eyes:
subtle, mysterious, or grand,
each day unique, the morning skies.

10/08/2013 Carol Welch
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