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Beginning April

Remember all the silly things,
we planned or had planned for us,
to our humorous recall brings,
a laugh and giggle chorus.

How Mama made the cotton pie,
in crust so neatly fluted,
and Daddy, when it met his eye,
suppressed his shock and hooted.

Or when our big brother was told,
he had his socks on backward,
actually looked down to behold,
we laughed when he felt awkward.

Nonexistent people at the door,
a standard ruse conspired,
and who knows what went on before,
Ideas too naughty, retired.

Fake phone call from the IRS,
or Publishers Clearing House,
tricked, were millionaires, we guess,
or poor as a church mouse.

Got by with silly hee-haw,
only allowed at this time,
hard-boiled eggs exchanged with raw,
though we had to clean the slime.

Fun, if 'first' came on weekends,
hard to do it before school.
laughing about it with school friends.
who whooped; they, too, could fool.

As we start a brand new month,
down to our work we'll buckle.
After we've enjoyed the "oneth"
begin it with a chuckle.

03/26/2014 Carol Welch
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