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Not "Who's Right"

Strange, that peace, never won by a war,
is fought for, again and anew.
Order in a home, the same way and more,
by contentions seems bent to unglue.

They join with a faction, thought to bring strength,
to achieve what they think to be best,
find they're embroiled in a clash of more length,
alienated, to their sorrow, from the rest.

Could it be, to quietly live our ideal,
would rub off as we lift, speak no ill?
Stick to issues, treat each other as real,
and, best yet, seek our wise maker's will.

If "dissing" personalities we give voice,
are the differences solved by a fight?
When we stand in the shambles, do we rejoice?
Thinking we proved we were right.

Issues are issues; our peers dignity:
Can they in value compare?
As we look for the best, from ire, we hope, free,
could we agreement, through straight thinking, share?

01/10/2014 Carol Welch
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