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Patience's Dividend

You little worm upon a leaf, striped larva, actually:
I wonder will the day bring grief? Will marvel come to be?
I like to see a future place, a change can bring to you,
as you chew up green leaves of lace, then out of the blue,
as your rows of little larva feet travel up the stem.
your appearance and your function meet, new thing formed of them.

You begin to fasten to the twig, inert, and color changed,
hang in the breeze, a whirligig, insides, then rearranged.
Like life, sometimes dead-seeming things, swiftly may arise,
the way you spread your new-found wings, flaunt color to the skies.
The flower petals, not the leaves, become your dining place.
your curled proboscis now retrieves its nectar sweet with grace.

So, if we're feeling like a worm on this sunny day,
a butterfly may well emerge if patience be our way.

06/25/2013 Carol Welch
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