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Correcting My Imperfect Choice

My table's a little bit set in its ways;
I bought someone's problem unsolved.
Adjustments, I think how to make day by day,
but to be not-just-right, it's resolved.

It may not come to others' notice like mine,
or they amiably accept what is there.
I sought, at least, level, perhaps even shine.
They, unheeding, sit down in each chair.

Proportionately, it sits in its place;
wood finish and style fit right in.
Not being quite level flies in the face
of my hopes, puts goose bumps on my skin.

Slight elevation by higher foot glides,
perhaps would give balance that I seek.
I won't attempt an arrangement that hides,
where my purchasing judgment was weak.

I'll not make excuses, not even a word,
as I serve on each plate, in each cup.
No explanations or alluding heard,
accept results, just sit down and shut up.

10/06/2013 Carol Welch
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