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Act on the Inspiration

It's said in song and hinted in the heart,
beneath the ice and snow, the flower's seed,
that sunshine not yet felt can cause to start,
so hope is there for those who give it heed.

It's best to dance before the band is heard,
and write before the page is touched by pen.
Within, is felt the rhythm and the word;
the new is lived and seems to rise again.

What never has been fostered in the mind,
will never reach the page or bless the ear.
So let our minds and feelings new notes find,
to which we'll sing and see and dance and hear.

The touch that comes the precious truth to bare,
attend, give time, and deeply do explore.
When the impulse from God is hinted there,
take it, try it, lest it come no more.

01/28/2014 Carol Welch
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