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Thanks at Christmas

Today,I'm thankful once again
that Father God forgives my sin,
and we can celebrate his Son
Who, here on earth, our victory won
for all of us who ask Him in,
and seek His will day out, day in.

For holiday festivity
shared with friends around the tree.
for family, community friends and more,
A cozy home, wreath on the door.
For choices we can make and live,
responsible our part to give.

For opportunity to look back
upon the day, amend the lack.
Nostalgic tears for times so dear,
and those who shared them with us here,
a time that sentiment can show,
realism's lessons, good to know.

All of you who share your hearts,
in gratitude, life's varied parts.
Find love and then, give it away,
Christmas, more than a holiday.

12/22/2013 Carol Welch
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