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Adjusting to the Seasons

Impending, descending, unending,
rain-mixed portent hints from the skies,
exciting, inviting, delighting,
to hunters and skiers--tough guys.

October, snow-phober, too sober,
are we dreading before it is due?
But, wimpy, clothes skimpy, gone simpy,
more fall days I'll take, snow for you.

Preparing, now daring, declaring,
with down jacket, ski pants, and boots,
I'll face it, embrace it, showcase it.
When November has passed, no disputes.

Persistence, existence, long distance,
months too long between leaves and new buds,
but, hopeful, green slope-ful, heliotrope-ful,
spring comes after (we trust) small floods.

10/21/2013 Carol Welch
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