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Traveling Between Loved Ones

A varied patchwork, fields before the snow,
dark green and brown slashed through with road or stream,
or, wider, the meandering rivers flow,
as from my mobile aerie I gaze and dream.

Of home, a little farther north, familiar,
tasks left beckon, " See me now complete."
Or, to the south, beneath another star,
love waits, welcome sent with words so sweet.

So love and duty mix as days unfold,
embrace loved ones, tradition carried out,
buttoning up a home to leave the cold,
not before the heart soaks up each joyous shout.

Landforms announce the progress in the air,
quick the heart that senses miles are few,
envision glowing faces waiting there,
and, nearing still, another rendezvous.

Blessed seasons, glowing in the sun and rain,
glittering in the radiant ice and snows,
multiple times, join loved ones again,
until those days, anticipation glows.

10/06/2013 Carol Welch
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