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Spooky Planning

Sly peeking, muffled speaking, mischief wreaking,
they plan for the fall holiday.
Secrets, poorly kept, giggles intercept,
sedate activities underway.

Retailing, unfailing, levity hailing,
sales racks teem with costumes bizarre.
Characters, strange; angel, what a change!
a goblin, ghost, or movie star.

Sky darkening, parents hearkening,
motorists who must watch for wee ones,
proceeding to parties or movie, young hearties,
a break from TV with reruns.

Sweets, treats in question, hope no indigestion,
as enjoyment, of that, usually in check,
was gathered galore from sweet neighbor and store,
by kids disguised as Snow White or Shreck.

Capricious, adventiitious, fictitious,
this, too, must exhaust its fun stay.
Promoting the spooky, kids making it kooky,
tomorrow, can it be, All Saint's Day?

10/23/2013 Carol Welch
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