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My Song This Christmas

Let's just say, "This is a new song."
It's for so many that I love the whole year through.
If it sounds a little corny, please, just string along,
wiith me, and you'll find that it's really true.,

I'd like to sing of all the joy you've brought me.
the real issues of life as we have touched;
I'd sing of bits of lessons you have taught me;
your words and actions, too, conveying much.

I'd sing of beauty and the vaue I see in you,
with tones worthy, if I only had the voice.
As warm Christmas greetings now continue,
to see your face right now would be my choice.

While Christmas carols our environment, enhancing,
I picture you around me all the while.
Your sweetness and your snap set my heart dancing,
And, all around me swirls a Christmas smile.

I know that I can sing because He came here;
a joyful noise will issue from my heart.
Because of Christmas--see how He has barred fear,
and thoughts of joy can be the foremost part.

And, so this Christmas, I will sing a new song,
Of you and, oh, how much you mean to me.
Just join with me right now, and sing along,
of how, together, wonderful we'll be.

12/23/2013 Carol Welch
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