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Wise Guidance

Lord, God, what a gracious Father,
reminding me I have a choice,
to recognize my stinking thinking,
before it's given shameful voice.

Before I make self-righteous comments,
concerning things I do not know,
or take actions that would backfire.
Sparing me, I thank You so.

Turning outrage into humor,
You soften my heart if I wait,
remind me, disregard the rumor,
diffuse resentment, rule out hate.

As a father allows, wisely,
results if I should disregard,
Your quiet nudge, self will avoiding.
Sometimes the lesson learned seems hard.

But there is joy in comprehending,
why the nudge came helpfully,
resulting change not quickly ending.
Don't stop the nudges, Lord, to me.

09/15/2013 Carol Welch
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