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Nursing Home With Dignity

Before daylight, she pulls into her parking place,
prepared to spend the day attending others' needs.
A skilled and able hand, quick eyes, a smiling face,
charts, mood, and well-being, of those in her care, she reads.

Depending on the organization and regard
of those who keep a clean and gracious place to come,
For a warm environment and safety guard.
She's a friend and worker in a nursing home.

Some come to dwell because they've reached a place,
in life, care of self burdens excessively
some for a temporary convalescent space.
Personality and need, full of variety.

She picked May flowers in the wakening glen;
he watched the tadpoles by the reedy shore.
They grew up, homemaker, farmer, businessman,
raised families, passed skills, craftsman, entrepreneur.

The days have changed; physical ills life complicate.
Some, where capable feet and legs took them around,
need aid the routines of life to negotiate,
for a time or, for a home, move in and settle down.

Thanks for the helpful hands and listening ears
that make this new home a worthwhile move,
for the interested attitude the story hears,
and treats the lost abilities with tender love.

Remember that the vital lives once lived
are still a part and parcel of their way,
that talents that persist can be revived,
and new acquaintances add life to the day.

The railroad man who on the section toiled,
the teacher, the doctor, available in need,
writers and musicians honoring the loyal,
that persona lives though physical impede.

Hail those who use their sojourn here to lift
fellow residents and show themselves a friend.
Purpose not lost in those that use this gift,
when adjusting and reaching out can blend.

To those who for so many years for others care,
now finding the acceptance to receive,
since providing shelter, food, and clothes to wear,
passing on the "right and wrong" rules to believe.

For therapists applying their skills to restore,
those who creatively find the interest,
activities with the individual to the fore,
work to suit the person and his needs the best.

A community within community, it's needed.
Supporting it and residents can be,
a service we can all be glad we heeded.
Helping more of our citizens live happily.

05/14/2013 Carol Welch
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