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Whirling Wonder

Oh, whirling, whirling, in order they go,
inside their crust and deep down in their core.
Within what seems solid, particles flow,
from tiniest speck to galactic vast shore.

And, whirling through lifetimes each of us goes,
our fellow citizens sharing our space.
Whirling through our being, through joys and woes,
intricate systems comprise form and face.

Each axis, each orbit, in pattern proceed,
to senses bared, apathetic or awed;
Minds, itching to find out the whirling decreed,
in such precision, to learn and to laud.

So, whirling, revolving, within and without,
the vast world orderly makes its way.
A speck such as I may proclaim with a shout,
"Our Maker surpasses all I can say."

03/06/2014 Carol Welch
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