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Challenged By a Garden Snake

I only wanted the stick from the stack,
and, there you are, to strike excessive fear.
Immovable, your head, looped, rigid, back;
your bright, unblinking eyes just nail me here.

Why does your kind forever fear exert?
At one time, slip covertly from the grass,
now there you lie, serpentine form, inert,
to shock one who would, unsuspecting, pass.

With ochre stripes and black accent, so sleek,
you claim control of what I know is mine.
My fireplace waits for the sticks I seek.
presumptuous, you send shivers up my spine.

I realize that you're a harmless sort;
the Lord made you to do a worthwhile task.
I think that it's those rodent pests deport;
just cease your stare at me is all I ask.

Cold-blooded, then you won't be out here long;
a few more weeks and you will hibernate.
The need for fireplace will come along,
I guess, til then, my quest for wood will wait.

08/09/2013 Carol Welch
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