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Fantasizing Flight

How often in imagining do we
explore in thought the vastness of the sky,
and think how lightsome, boundless and how free,
could we be like the birds above and fly.

Imagining the graceful dip and dive
of swallows swoop or puffins frisky play,
the song in flight of skylark, so alive,
I merge with birds, in fancy, fly away.

Above the housetops, past our town, I fly;
the mighty Mississippi beckons me.
Beside the trumpeter, noble swan, on high,
I view the broad extent of land and sea.

Among the noisy blackbirds' busy wings,
wee heartbeat of the tiny hummingbird,
whose filmy whir of flight within me sings,
negotiates flight lanes without a word.

10/14/2013 Carol Welch
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