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Summertime Ways

Gloves shielding from weed
and lotions that soften,
hairdos that don't need
attention too often,
easy-care denim and no-iron shirt,
someone to launder them too, wouldn't hurt.

Shoes that slip on,
don't bother with laces,
cool breeze on our backs,
warm sun on our faces,
work that we like, time to get it all done,
see some accomplishment, then time for fun.

Springtime with showers,
sunshine and some frost,
bring us the flowers
hope no plants are lost.
The solstice passed; oh how the days fly.
We just welcomed spring, and now it's July.

Picnics and bonfires
make a summer memory.
swim suits, tubes from tires,
river floating is free.
Let's get together, let's be carefree,
cares hit the breeze, make a new memory.

As we gather, hear the laughter
of the dear old friends
Children join in and follow after;
a sweet kindred circle blends.

06/30/2013 Carol Welch
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