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New Day in Varied Climes

The surf beats on the beach with foamy spray;
the winds of frozen northern states drift snow.
Now, each salutes the coming, a new day,
held in a hand we do not see but know.

And, here before me, rises the same sun;
in green or white, the day before us wakes.
Living a brand new day as moments run
each one of us a single journey takes.

Our choice, unguided, or by holy hand,
the present path we take on sand or snow.
still joined in heart by others in this land,
or lands afar where ever prayers may go.

The jungle swelters, cries of foreign birds,
In desert scenes, oases bring relief.
Diverse lives, expressed in different words,
all needing love, respect, peace and belief.

So let's arise, salute the day with love,
for others, as for us, pray blessing from above.

01/20/2014 Carol Welch
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