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February, We Salute You

February, we salute you,
shortest month of all the year.
Give a fanfare, ta ta toot you
though your record's cold, I fear.

You have statesmen given birth,
lift many hearts' romantic side,
gave our free nation here on earth,
her first president to preside.

As Washington first forged the way,
our leadership to set down,
Abe Lincoln in a later day,
to equality gave renown.

Who stood for freedom man to man,
led the effort for unity,
though his life taken, many can,
stand up, seen as equal and free.

So, February, the gifts you give.
we'd sincerely like to say,
make up for the month we live,
without a normal heat degree day.

And, though the snow that dumped each time,
the mercury rose above,
zero, and the glare ice and the rime,
we cherished the Valentine love.

But, still I'd have to say to you,
Though summer's heat should parch,
I won't mind a bit to say adieu,
and say hello to March.

02/18/2014 Carol Welch
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