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Dubious Romantic Resurgence

You say the current flicks have lost their draw,
they flash and bleed and race and crash and scream.
dashing down shrines and rudely scorn the law.
Where is the hope, that we long for, and dream?

When movie land was launching sagas great,
we gloried in romance that rocked the sphere.
The plots developed at a gripping rate;
Heroes moved us as they conquered fear.

And, you say, now the nether world is creeping in,
with themes of eerie pseudo-sorcery and blood,
combining a Romeo-like , hopeless young love spin;
hearts of the audience with fear and feeling thud.

Can it be these spooky narratives,
full of attraction, intrigue, and fascination.,
hearken back to days that declared, "Romance lives,"
when love was filled with ardor and elation?

Transylvanian vampires lacked the sweet allure,
of the current swains whose charms through gore endure.
If we could dispense with fangs and morgue decor,
we might move to good old time romance once more.

05/29/2013 Carol Welch
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