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Exchange of Weight

When sought-for answers come, how I rejoice;
not always in the knotty, serious things ,
but, to revealing of the truth, give voice.
In place of furrowed forehead, my heart sings.

A prayer prayed in joy, I love to speak,
but desperation magnifies each point,
admit confusion, also being weak,
my judgment and my logic out of joint.

Then I turn to You and give it up;
sometimes peace and order take a stand,
exchange the muddled mishmash in my cup,
for enlightenment, contentment in Your hand.

A prayer prayed in joy I love to speak,
because Your power has come and made me free,
of desperation, knowing it's I who's weak,
and it is Your strong hand that's holding me.

09/25/2013 Carol Welch
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