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Education Coach

When a student's ready, the teacher comes,
we've heard, but why so late?
While stumbling through, attempts all thumbs,
to plunge ahead or wait.

And, when he comes, is welcome there?
Do we even recognize him?
Surprising how the bumps prepare,
the ones who come to prize him.

Oh, anyone can nurse regrets,
but grant that we may turn them,
for wallowing, see what it gets,
but if we use, then spurn them.

Oh, when our opened eyes allow
the lesson be held fast.
Apply it; practice in the now.
Use, then let go, the past.

The small vignettes we may recall,
when wisdom showed her image,
were not in vain, if over all,
they have survived life's scrimmage.

Apply it now; it's not too late,
to know the joy of living.
The Spirit who can activate,
can guide the love of giving.

And, little bit by little bit,
in living just today,
we may find a loving teacher
is showing us the way.

12/07/2013 Carol Welch
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