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A Limerick of New Life

Here's a Limerick to tell of the grace,
of the One by whom salvage takes place.
He reached down within,
when admitted as sin,
what was too much for one soul to face,

Gently held a mirror to my denial,
justifying my part in each trial,
In love, called a defect,
what I'd tried to protect,
He'd remove it, walk with me each mile.

Choosing to minimize or embellish,
Oh, those memories I do not relish.
Only One that could change me,
gently show, rearrange me,
with His love, I'm improved, not angellish.

Looking for miracles? Don't look so far.
It's not just distant land, far-off star.
Look in the closest heart,
where despair brought the start.
Things that were there no longer are.

So, thanks to the God of my soul,
Who, when asked , would, in love, take control.
A creature that's new
greets each morning's dew.
Keep me close, thanks, as vast ages roll.

04/16/2014 Carol Welch
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