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Cute, But Destructive

I've gone full circle, no escape from shame.
Cute chipmunks ate up all my flower buds,
and nibbled strawberries before redness came;
results I worked for all turned out just duds.

I thought,"Trap them. Live traps will spare the pest."
Set out, equip my plot accordingly.
Now, this is where my aims were put to test.
Friends said, "On some poor victim set them free?"

"It's better, just eliminate the source
of all your troubles; traps can wipe them out."
So, intent, I began a different course.
You guessed it. "Killer!", I sure heard the shout.

Now, I have less of rodents dining here,
more beauty in my garden every day.
My problem-solving came. as you might fear.
But I am not about to share which way.

06/27/2013 Carol Welch
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