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Beloved Auntie's Downfall

A lazy daisy flower motif,
she embroidered on jersey gloves,
with colorful yarn, petal and leaf,
one way she showed her love.

What fun to go to Auntie's house,
her knick knacks fascinating.
Handle gently. Many whys and hows,
with patience, her limit stating.

Her baking, oh, the very best,
appearance and flavor glorious.
But scraping bowls, my eager quest,
me foiled, but she victorious.

A rubber scraper, fearsome tool,
removed each slightest trace
of tasty batter, I'd fairly drool.
and regard it with a sad face.

She seems to have a magic way,
following orders on paper.
"A recipe makes it good." she'd say.
I'd think, "but for that dratted scraper."

When Mama has to rush, you see,
the batter is spooned out quickly.
It leaves some in the bowl for me;
I feel smiley, glad and tickly.

Auntie sings every funnest song,
and, if I'm a good up-shaper,
plays games, reads stories, hours long,
but won't lose that rubber scraper.

10/06/2013 Carol Welch
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