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Forced Change

What is reluctance? Resistance to act,
when forecasts of doom plague the mind?
Do vague imaginings pass for the fact,
possible action then undermined?

Such things can occur when predictions of doom,
to discourage our travel are proclaimed.
But, do we succumb to the dread and the gloom?
or is a cheerful, hopeful tune framed?

So, it's off to the north though a blizzard may come,
knowing furnaces, snowplows abound,
granted, it's cold outside; hearts with warmth drum.
In our planned gathering, we'll be found.

Let's face it; if planes can't take off at all,
and the flights to far places are nixed.
No one in their right mind would say, "Have a ball."
Some things--absolute--can't be fixed.

Again, thoughts, unfounded, direction may change,
unsupported projections come forth,
An imagined excuse we could arrange,
skip the uncomfortable plan to go north.

02/28/2014 Carol Welch
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