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Water, the Gift

The first fresh sip that cooled my mouth today,
liquid substance, filling, satisfying, wet,
soothing the dryness, left from sleep, away,
ready to combine with coffee--I'll be set.

Pure fluid, flexible in the extreme,
continues through the day to meet my needs.
Warm shower sprays, invigorating stream;
in my garden, quietly, aids sprouting seeds.

Rapt attention, the bird bath has drawn,
delight of watching dipping, splashing there.
Colorful fluttering adorns our lawn.
then, like the breeze, they mount into the air.

We, too, enjoy the drawing of the lake
or pool, plunge into its entity.
Or, hesitantly, inching, emersion take,
support of water, joy of splashing, come to be.

The first drop on my nose on a hot day,
alerts me, rush for cover while I'm dry,
exuberant laughter, sharing as we run away,
avoiding lightning, downpour from the sky.

When, however, day on day bring clouds and rain,
interfering with plans, we must remind
ourselves how plant and habitats maintain,
lovely rivers and streams flow and wind.

Roaring rapids, furious falls, scurrying streams,
rushing river rapids eventually
follow leveling of gentler terrain,
and, in the course of time , flow out to sea.

Our God in Heaven's care for you and me,
Meeting needs, providing beauty, we can thank.
Roaring river, rippling stream, or storm at sea,
the same substance as the cooling sip I drank.

06/17/2013 Carol Welch
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