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Growing Flowers

Sometimes the flowers grow just as we planned,
with blooms and fragrance pleasing ear and eye.
But there are times we missed, and in our hand,
clutched weeds and let desired flowers slip by.

It's good to have the knowledge to perceive,
what is of value, what should be passed by.
What we plant, that result we shall receive;
Prepare and learn what seeds will qualify.

And so it is, I'm learning as I go;
not only choose seeds, but eliminate
the pests that crowd or eat the plants I sow.
To pluck out, repel, tend them, then to wait.

Until the color comes, some just as planned,
the opportunity to give holds sway.
Sometimes the hoped for outcome bright and grand
rewards the plans and efforts made in May.

When growing ends and autumn takes its toll,
We plan again to plant at spring's return.
The beauty or the unaccomplished goal,
can't hold a candle to all that we learn.

08/13/2013 Carol Welch
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