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Through the Human World

A little corner of the world named me,
a little corner of the world named you;
I need to respect your right to be;
you, also, respect my right to do.

What happens between us when a lack
of respect and caring takes the fore?
An insult flung and a blow snapped back.
Can our selves, harmed thus, find peace once more?

One corner resolves, perhaps by force,
those who are perceived as wrong must yield.
Defensive action, taken, makes it worse;
can relationships, and even lands, be healed?

Can words of love and healing acts of peace,
noble heroes sanding in the gap,
as disputes are spread, cause trouble cease?
Our errors seem dumped upon our lap.

Our Creator, who made us, and provides,
for our needs, sufficient if we are fair.
The human race, if not taking sides,
could learn to communicate and share.

It has spread throughout the human world.
Where is the right to do and right to be?
How to avert the angry weapon hurled;
it seems to reflect on you and me.

05/08/2013 Carol Welch
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