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Time to Write

When thoughts are flowing, put the pen to pad;
It's time for words to do their task assigned,
to gather scattered notions you have had;
record them; don't trust keeping to the mind.

The spoken statement drifts off in the air;
the hearing ears, though meaning well, dismiss,
and even the originator bears
a hint of faint impressions, much remiss.

Thank God for words of prophets, sage, of old,
whose scribe, so faithfully transcribed each phrase.
We read now precious truths they wisely told,
painstakingly preserved until these days.

We say, "Our words have little substance now."
So, too, was said of statements of renown.
And, though we do not know the why or how,
they may bring timely truth if written down.

10/12/2013 Carol Welch
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