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Picking Up Or Packing Up

Again, today, I said, "Just let it go;
the point is here, diminishing returns.
Let's cut the losses, no more to and fro.
Skill doesn't measure up, no value earns."

Then, whether from within or from above,
subtly impressed, will that would cast away,
prompts me, pursue what was conceived in love,
perhaps, with renewed vigor, meet the day.

The lack could be, not skill, but tempo based,
the practice, step by step, though seeming slow.
The product of the process, lost in haste,
may be the source of impulse to let go.

So, pick it up. Does it seem vain to try,
that which is seeming so devoid of gain?
What's to lose, the experience to apply?
Improvement never came without some pain.

Chalk up the pitfalls learned along the way;
apply what was effective previously.
Clear the mind of hang-ups from yesterday;
begin again, from weight of worry, free.

01/05/2014 Carol Welch
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