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Thank You Lord

How to direct my gratitude:
To One who gave, then life renewed,
Who guides me if I heed, each step,
provides endurance, motive, pep.

Who gives me friends my path to share,
senses of His world aware,
the sliver of new moon at night,
a new day greets at morning light.

Principles by which to live,
one day at a time as He will give,
and love, from Him, to others given,
and love received from them, what heaven.

The food and shelter worry free,
provided without thougth from me.
Friendship allows to feel the pain
of others' loss, hold close again.

The words of courage and of growing,
like ripples in a pond outflowing.
Each day Your faithfulness is new,
and so I give my thanks to You.

12/06/2013 Carol Welch
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