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How to (or not) Gain

Not knowing what to do, he just did nothing;
The day passed by, and time was lamely lost.
Not jolted into applying hand to something,
then only looking back, he saw the cost.

An empty bag not added to is empty;
a hole that's never dug is bare sod still.
Accounts in banks do not amount to plenty
when no one stocks the shelves or tends the till.

He may know what to do when gain is counted.
"Too late," he may reflect with gestures pained.
It's plain to see why nothing there amounted:
He'd proved that, "Nothing ventured, nothing gained."

It may not be today, the world I'm shaking.
and may legitimately lack the pep.
No matter, though, if mark that's small, I'm making,
Every journey begins with just one step.

11/06/2013 Carol Welch
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