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Spirit Speak

Oh, Spirit, speak a word of truth to me,
I need it to begin a useful day.
Each step I take, I ask,.help me to see,
so I can, beneficial, make my way.

Oh, Spirit, motivate me with Your hope,
that energy may buoy me up through tasks
I choose, and with Your guidance, work and cope,
with joy, accomplish what my purpose asks.

Oh, Spirit guide me on the path you choose,
so that the things I do will be worthwhile.
I'll say,"Oh, Lord, my time and efforts use,"
to bring a little peace, perhaps a smile.

Oh, Spirit, let exuberance be there,
the joy that bears us up through daily grind.
And help me see the goodness others share,
one of the ways You can renew my mind.

As You share the longing, my way, to create,
oh, guide me, in my efforts, from above.
Who, kindly grants gifts to appreciate,
Oh, Spirit, motivate me with your love.

08/11/2013 Carol Welch
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