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Unpredictably Assured

Although today I know my route,
the needs I should attend to,
with every detail well planned out,
I can't predict the end to....

every thing that's on my list,
though valid be the need.
The element that I have missed:
Results aren't guaranteed.

The other guy along the way,
on whom I am depending,
may find his plans have gone astray,
some part of my plan ending.

So, best to plan with this in mind:
It's not all in my power.
A path, even better, I may find,
with every mile and hour.

With lemons, then, make lemonade;
obstacles are to climb on.
When changes come in plans we've made,
new things we'll spend our time on..

The One Who knows the better end
to my pathway today,
tells me He will walk with me
and help me on the way.

05/22/2013 Carol Welch
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