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Falling back or On Face

Falling back, it seems, can be a gain;
getting to church ahead of time,
by daylight, not dressed, is no crime;
Sip leisurely on juice of lime,
no matter if some slackening detain.

The clock's my friend in fall as you can see.
No fear that time is passing
my habits prompt amassing
since daylight time surpassing,
my watch an hour ahead of time puts me.

To do my hair, time, hope it's looking great.
Nails need a bit more polish.
The news, what should we abolish?
A big breakfast I demolish.
Oh, no! Time's gone. I see that I am late.

No excuse appears to clear me.
My stance of carelessness,
rendered my outset a mess,
Am I organized? Just guess.
Lack of notice, I humbly hope, will cheer me.

10/29/2013 Carol Welch
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