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Blessed Blank

Blank slate again, a gift, it feels so strange.
Again, launch out, hours coming, similar;
if I choose to be guided, will I change?
The status quo the mark, or raise the bar?

Look back but to assess the ground that's gained;
new dawn, uncluttered, each step now advance.
A day worthwhile, in retrospect attained,
where learning holds both drudgery and dance.

The man we've known, not only what we thought,
see attributes in dear ones we'd not sensed.
Blanks holding opportunities uncaught,
and self-deprived fulfillment recompensed.

Oh, bring this gift, that the familiar scene,
displays the opportunity anew,
what, rushing by, was passed as 'might have been',
and what can be today, a grander view.

03/02/2014 Carol Welch
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