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Daylight Resignation

It's time to bask in joys of daylight time.
When evenings prolonged have hours of light.
So, now we change a bit our paradigm,
with logic and plain reason put to flight.

Although it doesn't make much sense to add,
what we have deducted from the other end,
for flexible folks, fun is to be had,
in the hours after work days with a friend.

The farmers used to mention that the hay,
did not begin to dry 'til afternoon,
and cows out in the dark were prone to stray,
hide in the bushes, when called in so soon.

Accept, it's gone national, save a few,
who hold firmly, saying nature does intend,
stability. Like, "cut a rope in two,
and add that section to the other end."

03/08/2014 Carol Welch
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