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Martin Luther King Jr

How many accomplishments in this vast land,
became reality through muscle applied to dream,
with feet and hand and voice building what was planned.

Heartfelt efforts bring from hope a change to grand,
the seed of betterment in brave heart's gleam,
against the obstacles that blind in this vast land.

We revere the courageous tongue and willing hand,
that strove to bring a people to their dream,
boys and girls, all colors, have the chance he planned.

An unselfish dream, for children of God's hand,
backed those he championed, their share of freedom's beam,
that their work bring them a place in this vast land

A bold, remembered speech, fanfare and band,
laid out the substance of the equality dream;
on the horizon shone the change his vision planned.

His life he paid for progress in our land,
in meeting blocks, advance, although upstream,
that children of diverse color in this vast land,
as was his dream, reap hope from what his vision planned.

01/13/2014 Carol Welch
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