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Guided to overcoming Blocks

It never did occur to me,
it could be done another way.
What seemed I could not do or be,
and only yes or no I'd say

A wondrous thought then opened wide;
what I lack now, I still could learn.
What was obscured by fear or pride,
could be obtained by a new turn.

It does the heart enormous good,
to see desires long embraced.
What a surprise to see one could,
grasp good things when the block was faced.

It's so with tunes held in the heart,
and not released for want of skill,
that a recording could take part,
to lend the notes, nurture the thrill.

As, when no audience on hand,
and none is seeking to attend,
that a device, constructive, grand,
can on the web, performance send.

So, I can practice with the tool,
provided by the internet,
and, when my skill I thus can school,
perform and broadcast my "uni-tet"

It's when we open up our eyes,
and see it's not all cut and dried.
What other ways to bring surprise,
the One who leads us can provide.

03/10/2014 Carol Welch
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