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Sun and Rain in Their Place

The pounding rain persists and puddles on the street;
windows host the streams of of weeping and wet waves
While forecasts hold out hope for sun and heat,
enough that it, the trip near tropics saves.

And those who spend their year in this warm clime,
rejoice, up to a point, for rain's relief,
allowing for abundant growth sublime,
of flowers, sea grapes and the green palm leaf.

As we anticipate the end of rainy spell,
and spirits lift as plans are underway,
enjoy the pleasures that the brochures tell.
of beach time, picturesque, the awaited day.

Sister says it would be nice, a little tan,
to show her friends vacation time was fun,
not having to waste time in salons that plan,
to fake the effect, before the trip is done.

Although it's true, sun, rain each have their place,
and sunshine favors outdoor recreation.
So, let's hope the warm and sunny days,
commence before the ending of the vacation.

02/01/2014 Carol Welch
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