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Our Day of Honor

It's on it's way, the bright gateway to summer,
when out come boats, and picnics fill the plans,
turning to thoughts of honor. Brass and drummer
lead a spirited, patriotic caravan.

To remember those who passed in brave endeavor,
keeping our country free, our home secure,
we plant flowers, in devotion hold forever,
those who risked, nor flinched, to prevail and to endure.

Bold flags fly high, rifle reports salute,
while scouts and veterans, families, in awe,
Admiring hearts with heroes' renown impute,
who gave all to preserve our peace and law.

In the blush of spring , we also show devotion,
with flowers and with visits to the grave,
of beloved friends and dear kin with fond emotion,
as, overhead the flags and spring leaves wave.

It's on its way, the bright gateway to summer,
when somber thoughts of loss to gratitude arise.
Spring, although it's sometimes a latecomer,
hails cheer in our free land 'neath spacious skies.

05/11/2013 Carol Welch
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