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Unpredictable April

It's almost slipping out of sight,
April's magic span.
Expected showers came in white,
masking springtime's plan.

The willow's bearing of her kittens,
slipped by in spells of snow,
and back again to winter's mittens,
when stormy breezes blow.

But, still, the robins, bold, appeared,
and Easter hosted sun.
Briefly for summer days we cheered,
Kids begged for barefoot fun.

Voila! The mercury dipped low,
but local life moved on.
The local government said "Hello",
our new mayor took the baton.

So, full of hope, the seasons change,
main street the trend embraces.
And, now, hurray, the month of May,
flowers and farm market places.

In short, it's, if the fact be known,
reserving expectations,
seasons in this temperate zone,
faithfully come, with variations.

04/29/2014 Carol Welch
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