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Hats Off, Dad

Hi Pop, what a wonder,
where you are today.
What hat are you under,
this place in life's way?

Wage earner? Most likely,
it can't be denied;
The man of a family
won't get a free ride.

Young fellow with a little tyke;
guess the baby word.
Or, guiding a wobbly bike,
until balance is assured

You hope and you plan;
maybe fishing gets done.
A daughter, you may dance,
they may learn safety with gun.

Maybe months in the service
will keep you away;
the boys and the girls
grow more every day.

And just when you're getting
used to the plan,
you find that the setting
has changed; he's a man.

Some become grandpas,
and, even past that,
you may hold a great grandchild;
we take off our hat.

The smiles you will smile,
when awards come their way,
hiding tears when the aisle
is walked, her wedding day.

The challenges and blessings,
we'll know you've all had.
You're all wished "Happy Father's Day."
Pop. Grandpa, Dad.

06/07/2013 Carol Welch
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