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A Risk in Big Hands

The oil cruet held but a bit,
the flour bin near bare.
Brushed together, she formed of it
a bun for two to share.

She sadly kissed her starving son.
famine taking its spoil,
gathering sticks to bake the bun
before death end love and toil.

A man of God came on the way.
She bent to get the wood.
"Fix me some bread?" she heard him say.
Heart jarred, she said she could.

That drop of oil, kneaded with meal,
left an empty nook.
Her eyes, resigned, then filled with zeal,
as the man of God partook.

The empty cruet filled again,
she saw meal in the bin appear,
to make bread for herself and son.
and the man through the drouth years.

If you could ask her how she fared.
"Weren't you afraid?"
She would have told you how she dared.
I think she just obeyed.

It began with hopes so high,
young couples have their needs.
The paycheck seems, though they may try,
just short; want supersedes.

So borrow from George to pay old Sam,
from Bill to square with Paul;
Consolidate at bank--debts cram.
For this month they've paid them all.

Then, short a bit to pay on time,
charge tires, gas, and shoes.
It's honest surely not a crime;
still. peace of mind they lose.

The ads proclaim, "It isn't hard.
just buy these things on time"
An easy payment credit card
would change want to sublime.

And, so to Visa, Master Card,
Discover Card, widespread,
found opportunities, not hard,
to buy above their head.

The items charged on credit cards,
forgotten where they went.
No cash to buy things makes it hard,
before it was earned, all spent.

Despondent, then, seeming to fail.
"How foolish," they say, "we've been."
A credit card comes in the mail;
they're free to spend again.

To the limit work to make ends meet,
keep what has kept their rank.
But companies have known defeat,
financial status sank.

It's happened, belts have pulled up tight,
a look at goods anew.
Could our Maker of us give sight
show the way to make it through?

That woman with the empty bin
may give to them a clue.
Put God first, and begin again;
what daring thoughts--how new.

It has been seen in lives these days,
that when they placed their means,
their first-fruits to support His ways,
the unexpected intervenes.

It may be new perspective grows,
having faced what seemed the worst.
That need or want its order shows,
wisdom comes--spend, but earn first.

On solid ground, or getting there,
through new ways, were they afraid?
They'd say when God made them aware,
they trusted and obeyed.

11/09/2013 Carol Welch
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