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Outlove Life's Hazards

Hello, let's greet a day that's new;
an offered lesson for today,
a being that points out what's true,
and what is cluttering the way.

A little spark to touch the heart,
and clarify impressions held,
will show what wedges us apart,
and what will kindly, warmly weld.

So, listen up, dear, as you write,
for love is bringing thoughts of hope.
Your attitude tinges your sight,
and influences how you cope.

The situation viewed with love,
is often open to the eye;
what in a world of grab and shove,
through self interest slips on by.

Suspicion, creeping in, the sneak,
can taint the kindest of intent,
and criticism's itch to speak,
delay the grasp of what was meant.

Step out, prepared to see the best,
not fearing love will hide a lie.
Trust God, and He will guide the rest;
direct your step and clear your eye.

12/09/2013 Carol Welch
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