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Garden Foreseeing Fall

I still water flowers with frost seeming imminent;
dig and pull weeds though it makes me need liniment.
A part of my soul, this small garden maintains,
helps keep me grateful for sunshine and rains.

It may prompt ambition; sometimes I'm a laggard,
or needlessly drudge away 'til I am haggard.
The produce is scanty, but brings satisfaction;
flowers in their turn provide some attraction.

Honeybees now clamor in the sedum clusters;
hummingbirds, iridescent, contend like gangbusters,
for sweetness in flowers or feeder provided;
birds, for their upcoming trip, to food guided.

When one flower type blooms, another has faded,
the newness and brightness ward off feeling jaded.
Bonemeal work in to combat the clay hardener;
such are the drives of a small, bush league gardener.

09/08/2013 Carol Welch
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