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Out of "Park"

Guidance for the day I am requesting,
to set my sights on what is near or far.
Apply the steam I have received from resting,
see, then, it's hard to pilot a parked car.

Available, the guidance I am grasping,
attainable, to travel on or climb,
the myriad of choices leaves me gasping,
possible, just one direction at a time.

Step forward, the direction I have started,
with God's wisdom seeking every day.
Then, options picked, travel on light-hearted,
to see what can be done along the way.

To multitask, now there must be a method,
without a scattered chaos to employ,
a Pilot, wiser, more observant offers
patterns toward serenity and joy.

It takes some time to sit and write about it,
but trust it will appear along the way.
Just stepping forward, open eyes, don't doubt it,
to receive the guidance for the day.

08/02/2013 Carol Welch
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